Statin Coadministration Studies: In the Zetia + statin controlled professional tests data source of 11, 308 patients with an average therapy period of 8 weeks (range 0 to 112 weeks), 4.0 % of clients on Zetia + statin and also 3.3 % of people on statin alone terminated as a result of adverse reactions. One of the most usual adverse responses in the team of patients treated with Zetia + statin that brought about treatment discontinuation and took place at a rate higher than statin alone were.

The most generally stated adverse responses (occurrence ≥ 2 % and also greater compared to statin alone) in the Zetia + statin measured scientific test database of 11, 308 patients were: nasopharyngitis (3.7 %), myalgia (3.2 %), top breathing system infection (2.9 %), arthralgia (2.6 %) and also looseness of the bowels (2.5 %).

Considering that medical studies are carried out under commonly differing disorders, unfavorable reaction prices noted in the scientific researches of a medicine can not be straight compared with rates in the scientific researches of another medicine and also could not reflect the rates observed in clinical method.

In 10 double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific tests, 2396 patients with primary hyperlipidemia (age variety 9-- 86 years, 50 % women, 90 % Caucasians, 5 % Blacks, 3 % Hispanics, 2 % Asians) and elevated LDL-C were treated with Zetia 10 mg/day for a typical treatment duration of 12 weeks (array 0 to 39 weeks).

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